Commissions are so special as they weave both my larger-than-life floral paintings and aesthetic with the magic of your personality and sentiment. 

Commissions can be as simple as you loving a previous original I have created but adding your favourite flower or colour to the piece, you could want the background colour to portray your personality more so a piece can be created with a darker or brighter background colour. 

You may want a piece to hold more sentimental value and showcase a flower that is symbolic to you and your family – for example, flowers and a palette in your wedding bouquet, maybe your mother's favourite flower, or a floral scent that brings nostalgia and fond memories of your childhood, maybe flowers that hold cultural values like natives? 

I would love to go on this creative journey with you and see the magic we both create collaboratively.

Before filling in the form below, please download and thoroughly read my commission guide by clicking on the link below. If our visions align you will either be chosen as one of the immediate commissions I take on or be put on my waiting list.

xx Adele 

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Commission Brief