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Tigress – Floral Print & Abstract Collection.
Releasing 23.04.2024
Ever looked at the blank walls in your home and thought “Hmm some art would be nice here!”, but the generic, shelf art you see in everyone’s home is not for you, you want art with soul that uplifts not only the aesthetic of your home but your mood and energy.

You then go on to scroll endlessly, finding yourself pinning hundreds of homes that look like they are out of a magazine, and then look back at your blank wall with even more confusion and overwhelmed.
My current living room – without statement art, it feels empty.
One thing you do realise after mood-boarding and scrolling for inspo pics is that art is the last thing missing in your home, the one thing you know will add all the personality and elevate the space but also the thing you’ve left last on your purchase list because it is such a personal and timeless investment piece for your home and you want it to really speak to your soul. 
New collection art and moodboard
Well, that was me for the past year looking at that empty white wall in my living room (insert melting face emoji). Only after releasing one of my MOST loved prints to date ‘LET IT BURN’ the inspo for my new collection was born.
I wanted to create a collection to feature in my own home, that I can wake up to daily and get inspired by, this is why this collection holds so much meaning to me.
When painting the original of ‘Let it Burn’, those gorgeous burgundy cymbidium orchids spoke to my soul, I loved the contrast between the deep dark tones and pastels in the painting. I have always been drawn to elements of wabi-sabi design, I love the yin and yang vibe, dark and light, and the minimal, natural aesthetic. I wanted to create a contemporary collection that mixes my abstracts and florals with a neutralised and deep chocolate colour palette and lush floral compositions that we all love. 
I also fell in love with Hauus Interiors latest home - Hauus. 5 where my first large-scale abstract piece takes pride in this gorgeous kitchen. This home is dream home worthy and envisioning my pieces in this collection set the backdrop for the collection imagery.
Powerful in striking contrast yet beautiful and lush in floral composition.
‘TIGRESS’ features three canvas prints and two made-to-order original abstract works.
The play on light and dark is prominent throughout the collection and whatever your vibe is – airy, luxe, & neutral, or contemporary & bold, this collection is for you. 
I hope it speaks to your soul as it does mine and it becomes a loved piece of artwork in your home, an artwork that will be in the background of all your cherished family photos over the years. 

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